★★★★★ Reviews

  • Process expertise: ★★★★★


"Amy is a super dedicated Realtor and was amazing to work with. She put her whole heart and mind to the process and to finding the right place. Warmest recommendations!"


"Amy is very skilled and discreet , which I really appreciated. She helped us buy our house for the asking price , which is hard in a very hot market, and then she helped us rent it temporarily to a very nice family. Overall a wonderful agent : I highly recommend her!"


“Thank you for all your help in the process of finding my gorgeous renovated condo! You have been an amazing Realtor and a friend and a partner.   I couldn't have done it without you! I really appreciate and value it.”


"Thank you again for all.  You are seemingly endlessly patient & calm!"


"You did a terrific job and, in my professional opinion, went far beyond what most brokers do.  Keep up the good work." 


"Realtor Amy Lipton worked with my husband & me from March through November of 2018:   to stage & sell our long-time family home in Brookline, MA as well as to guide us in the purchase & transition to a condominium in North Cambridge.  As we had lived in our house in Washington Square for 41 years & raised our family there, this ‘downsizing’ to a condo was quite a complex undertaking for my husband Mike & me.  Yet Amy was endlessly patient & persistent throughout this process. 

Thus, if you too are facing such a transition, I would strongly advise you to work with Amy!  As a realtor, she combines a number of traits that serve her clients extremely well:  not only is Amy patient & persistent, but she is also supportive, highly organized, great with data & technology (generating lists of ‘comps’ seemingly immediately), & puts her clients’ interests first.  Although Amy was willing to undertake a wide search with us for a new home in greater Boston, If she thought that a particular unit was not right for us, she would just come right out & say so.  Such forthrightness & flexibility I believe are unusual assets in a realtor. 

What is more, one of the traits that made Amy exceedingly easy to work with is her willingness to follow my lead in ‘staging’ our 1897 late Victorian home.  I can only say that not only did Amy thereby spare me the agony of having to completely wipe the slate clean in preparing my house for showing, but I think that we jointly made the right decision in the end:  for the woman who bought our home for her family remarked to us that she actually liked the house better fully furnished (though substantially cleared out) than after it was completely vacated!

To keep this letter to a manageable length, I want only to make a few other pertinent remarks:   i.e., Amy is well connected to the Brookline  community (in part through her children at Driscoll) & seems to have an endless list of good resources for home buyers & sellers at her fingertips (contractors!).  Finally, Amy is the kind of realtor who shows up at the end of your move to help pack & see you out the door & on your way to your new home with real warmth & enthusiasm! 

My husband & I highly recommend Amy as a realtor who will do well by her clients in every sense of the word:  personally, professionally, & as a genuinely caring human being."


"I am a first time homebuyer and could not be more grateful to have had Amy on my team as my real estate agent. Both the seller and I wanted to move the process along fast, since another offer the seller had  did not come through successfully.

Amy recommended a great lender as well, who processed my loan approval on a Sunday, so that really helped in getting a head start to any potential competition. The seller was in Germany and due to the level of fluidity in conversation/negotiations, Amy made the communications seamless. Amy, was a pleasure to work with and is very responsive and transparent. I love my new home! Thank you for your time and hard work, Amy!"


"Amy was a pleasure to work with from the first moment to the last. She was super responsive once we registered interest and was very accommodating with her availability. She stayed in constant contact with us during the process and afterwards too, making the experience smooth without  issues"