Thank You To Our Community!

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Thank You To Our Community!

Of course you’re sick of putting a mask on every time you leave home, telling your children to get off the screen, and hearing the same question asked every day: “When do you think life will return to normal?”.

This Pandemic has forced me to do things differently. But it’s also provided the one thing I haven’t had in more than a decade - time! Time has enabled me to catch my breath, recharge and even refinance my home. Time has enabled me to discover a lot of new things that are making me happy.

Below is a list of things that are helping us stay sane and safe during this unique time. Click or tap for more information.

Coolidge Yoga
You gotta hand it to the folks at Coolidge Yoga. They seamlessly made the transition to virtual yoga quickly, and offer live, online yoga and meditation classes every day. Thank you for helping our community stay calm and connected!

Farmer Dave’s
The CSA from Farmer Dave’s in Dracut is delivering a variety of fresh vegetables every week. No one has more lettuce than our family! And who knew about all the different ways you can cook potatoes (hash browns and roasted) or how easy it is! Their add-ons are amazing and I don’t think our family could make it without their mini cider donuts.

Life Alive
It can get old having to make three meals a day. Life Alive has been a real savior during this time, providing easy-to-make vegetarian meals that are as close to premade as possible. The food is so fresh. Between Live Alive and Farmer Dave’s we’ve never eaten healthier.

Think of Mercato as a food delivery service similar to Door Dash or GrubHub. The difference is that Mercato delivers food from specialty stores. I recommend the salmon cakes from Captain Marden's Seafood. Many of your favorite stores at the Boston Public Market are delivering and some of your local favorites like Cambridge Naturals.

Curds & Co
A member of the Mercato food network, I never tried Curds & Co before Covid-19. Now I order from them every week. My family loves all the different cheeses. But it’s the pantry items including the specialty dips and sauces that have us going back each week. The Other Brother Shorty Extra Virgin Olive Oil is expensive, but great for dipping bread.

When Pigs Fly
When Pigs Fly makes it so easy with its curbside pickup. Just call them when you’re in front and someone brings your bread out. We love the low-carb whole wheat, apple bread and olive bread.

Cafe Landwer
Whether you like meat or are vegetarian, there’s something for everybody to like about Cafe Landwer. My husband likes the French Vegan Stew, while my kids love the chicken tenders and french fries!

Who knew how fun a virtual dinner with friends can be? Zoom makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s a very easy-to-use product. Even Grandma figured it out! Just don’t ask her to set-up the call.

Brookline Ice & Coal
What would a Pandemic feel like without being able to grill? Fortunately you don’t have to find out because Brookline Ice & Coal is still open and refilling propane tanks!

Thank you to all the businesses above, teachers, doctors, nurses and EMTs.

Be safe! Stay safe! Wear a mask when you leave the house! And if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, please contact me! We’re taking precautions to ensure your safety.

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